Nada Vidya Marmau – Kutcheri Secrets Unravelled

Nada Vidya Marmau – Kutcheri Secrets Unravelled

Masterclass conducted by Shri Neyveli Santhanagopalan on Tips and Tricks to master the art of good performance.

The session was interactive with active participation from the members and lot of valuable tips and exercises were shared by the Guru. The following topics were covered:

Voice culture – Chord practice in various ragas and Jantai varisai practice in various ragas to get felicity in voice.

Understanding Gamakas in Ragas like Thodi, Begada, Varali etc. Demonstration with Veena.

Tala exercises to strengthen laya using varisais, alankarams and other patterns.

Understanding Laya with help of jati patterns.

Varnam practice methods – Demonstration in Tisram and khandam nadai.

Approach to Raga Alapana and understanding with notation by using swara gyanam.

Importance of Tanam and how to apply to various manodharma aspects like Kalpana Swara to improve creativity.

Approach to Neraval.

Viruttam singing – choosing appropriate ragas based on the lyrics.

Jathi patterns…laya control, then nadai varieties.

Approach to krithi selection for concerts.

How to select the right kalapramanam/tempo for a composition.

Question and answer session.

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Nada Vidya Marmau – Kutcheri Secrets Unravelled