Laya Saaraamrtam

Laya Saaraamrtam

Sangeeta Siksha Peetam (Convener: Dr. Nanditha Ravi ) conducted the Laya Saaraamrtam Session with Sangeet Samrat Chitravina N Ravikiran on July 15th at Chennai. The recorded session is now available on Acharyanet for the benefit of students.

The following topics were covered in this session:
General concepts:

What is Laya?
The relationship between laya and rasa.
Key points:

Strengthening fundamental concepts in laya – executing speed variations precisely with recommended exercises.

Choosing the right tempo or kaalapramanam.

Understanding musical expressions accurately in the context of laya.

Importance of practicing the sarali varisais, alankarams , varnams in multiple speeds.

Awareness of kaalapramanam or maintaining tempo when changing nadais or speeds.

Importance of putting tala clearly with the rhythm and angas shown clearly.

Examples of trying exercises, finishes and korvais in different ragas.

Guidance on choosing the right tempo before attempting exercises in multiple speeds.

Importance of mastering fundamentals and sing with raga bhavam before trying advanced concepts.


Simple exercises to render varisais in multiple speeds in a single avartanam.
Difference between Jaati and Gati with an example of rendering the Bhairavi ata tala varnam in 5 jaatis.

Example of a pancha jaati pallavi.

Demonstration of rendering the mohanam adi tala varnam in pancha nadai.

Demonstration of rendering the pallavi, anupallavi and muktayi swarams of the Mohanam adi tala varnam in one avartanam.

Concept of Chaturashra tishram with examples.

Demonstration of performing tishram in a 3/4 eduppu Pallavi from the eduppu.

Sangeeta Siksha Peetam About To bring together teachers, scholars, musicians and students on a common platform to provide a step-by-step approach to systematically augment student skills, together appreciating Carnatic Music. Thereby promoting the enhancement of knowledge Mission To mentor and augment the existing knowledge of a student, by providing exposure in keeping with traditional ways of learning and interacting with teachers, scholars and musicians, thus leading to a holistic appreciation of Carnatic Music and honing of skills.

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Laya Saaraamrtam

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